St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Friday, August 14, 2020
Family Of God...Growing Through Christ.

Welcome to St. Paul's United Methodist Church!



Due to  Level 3 Health Emergency there will be no in person worship until further notice 



 People are always looking for that which will help them feel a sense of contentment and wellbeing...when what they need has been with them all along....JESUS!!


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Are We There Yet
Delay by Design

Facing the Giants

Healing the Sick

No Weapons Allowed

7000 Promises





  Come worship God with his family:


     Prayer Group                     9:30 AM 

     Sunday School                   9:00 AM 

     Worship                               10:00 AM  

     Welcome/Social Time         9:30 AM 

     Adult Groups   As scheduled by each group     


 Mission Statement: 

   The mission of Elida St. Paul's UMC is to be an inviting community of Christ's disciples.  


Elida St. Paul's United Methodist Church
105 East Main Street Elida, Ohio 45807 


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